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This is an easy japanese ramen noodles recipe using store bought soup and noodles but the toppings are homemade with a little bit of effort to make good toppings you can enjoy great ramen almost like the ones you order at restaurants when i posted yakibuta braised pork i said that i would post ramen when the hot summer in the northern hemisphere is overhow to cook basic japanese ramen too lazy to cook those fancy ramen you see in movies anime tv shows or etc this is a really easy basic ramen and its really delicious gather the panspots that youre going to use and everythingramen is a very popular noodle soup in japan ramen noodles are originally chinese style noodles but its been changed and improved over the years and evolved to our own food there are millions of ramen restaurants in japan from mom and pop chinese restaurants in neighborhoods ramen street weve pulled together our most popular recipes our latest additions and our editors picks so theres sure to be something tempting for you to try use chicken noodles spinach sweetcorn and eggs to make this moreish japanese noodle soup for when you crave something comforting yet light the cult of the new american ramen joint with its endless wait times and ghostly bowls of tonkotsu broth has conspired to make the japanese import feel off limits to the humble home cook after all how could you possibly unlock the mysteries of miso or crack the secrets of shoyu when true

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